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To Get Cheap Auto Insurance – Don't Stand Out

You finally received that bonus from work, and with it, your dream of a new car. Before you impulsively plunk down cash for the first car causing your heart to palpitate, you should carefully consider the additional cost of car insurance. The kind of car you buy can significantly affect your ability to obtain cheap auto insurance.

When choosing a car, there are several factors to consider that insurance companies may deem your new wheels worthy of lower rates. Typically, the cheaper car parts are for a car, and the cheaper the repair costs, then the cheaper the insurance rates. Also, the more popular a model, the more available the replacement parts are, keeping costs down.

New technology advances in some cars are also having a positive impact on the availability of cheap auto insurance. Cars that are equipped with standard safety devices such as Autonomous Emergency Braking and self-parking capabilities are now eligible for insurance discounts with some companies. And surprisingly, the gas-guzzling larger vehicles such as SUVs and pick-up trucks actually cost less to insure than the smaller gas efficient models. This is because these large vehicles are super tough and have the ability to withstand less damage in an accident, meaning insurance companies pay less to repair them.

Minivans will also keep your rates lower. Because they are not considered "flashy" or "sporty," they are ranked low-risk, thus less likely to be involved in an accident. Also, the minivan is not expected to top the list of most-stolen cars. Fast sports cars and other smaller high performance vehicles on the other hand, will be much more expensive to insure. Not only are they more likely to be in an accident, but their parts are more valuable to car thieves.

If you're looking to save money, then consider purchasing a car considered safe, with a low accident risk, and unlikely to be stolen. Though it may not be that first car you loved, you'll be saving lots of money on car insurance, which may just make your heart palpitate after all.