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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Little Pouch Hop

Good Morning everyone! First of all I just wanted to thank Elaine and Emily for inviting me to participate in the Happy Little Pouch Blog Hop. Don't you just love a little bag? I'm not really a purse person in my everyday life, but I adore little pouches and bags of all sizes, especially for storage and travel purposes. And I travel a lot. Recently I decided to test out one of Ayumi's patterns for her little fabric basket and I was instantly addicted. These baskets make a great addition to any swap gift you might be cooking up.


Her pattern is super easy to follow and the basket comes together very quickly. There are also a bunch of modifications you can make to personalize it and make it your own. I made another one of these for a friend (and I forgot to take pictures, ugh!) using Echino. I didn't want to cut up the print so I just cut two 9.5" x 3.5" strips instead of making the patchwork square strips.



Another way to easily personalize these baskets is by using a decorative stitch instead of an edge stitch around the top of the basket like I did here. 


Just make sure you're lining is lying flat when you edge stitch our you could get a pucker like I did. (Boo!)


Although Ayumi's pattern is for small baskets (perfect to hold a few fat quarters or your collection of buttons) it's easy to modify her pattern to make larger baskets. And these come together so quickly and easily that I think I'll be whipping out many, many more of them in the near future.

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Thank you for stopping by! And please join us in the fun and share your pouchy makes in our Flickr group. The Flickr group is also where you can upload your pouchy makes, and at the end of each week we will have some great prizes to award!

Prizes have generously been donated by:


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Modern Quilt Guild Showcase

Did you see the report back from the International Quilt Market that the Modern Quilt Guild did yesterday on their Modern Quilt Showcase? If you did you might have seen a few quilts that look familiar, including this one...


Eek! Even though I couldn't be there to see it in person, I had amazing friends like Alissa and Caitlin who were there and snapped pictures for me. They sent them to me over the weekend and it finally felt real. Of course, I look at it and see all the imperfections but it doesn't diminish my excitement one bit. I encourage everyone who wasn't able to see the exhibit in person at Quilt Market to hop on over to the Modern Quilt Guild site and take a virtual tour of the exhibit. There are so many amazing quilts featured. And this show is traveling, so there are still opportunities to see many of the quilts in the exhibit up close and personal coming up. Congratulations to everyone in the show!

Friday, June 15, 2012

"A Year of Making Life Beautiful" Blog Tour


Do you know Melissa of Lilac Lane? If you don't, you really should get to know her. I "met" Melissa a could of years ago, both through her wonderful blog and also as a member of the charity bee "A Dozen Quilters". I saw that they were losing a couple members and asked Melissa if I could join, especially since they were turning their focus to charity projects. She gladly said yes. It was a pleasure to work with her through a year of projects to help those less fortunate than us, but an equal pleasure getting to know her better as well.

I am sure some of you remember me mentioning a couple of secret projects I was working on this Spring. Well, they were for Melissa. The first you saw a while back - her super cute "Picnic In the Park" quilt pattern, which she released this Spring and was also recently featured at her booth at the International Quilt Market. And then came the second secret project... Imagine my surprise when she asked me if I would also be willing to make a quilt for her new book, "A Year of Making Life Beautiful: 45 projects to bake, grow, craft and sew throughout the year". I was honored. Seriously? I'm not worthy!
Melissa sent me her elegant, yet easy, "Make Life Quilt" Pattern along with a beautiful array of Hello Luscious fabrics by Basic Gray for Moda. This gorgeous quilt can be made from pre-cuts. I don't usually work with a lot of pre-cuts but, let me tell you, it made life so much easier not to have to worry about cutting all that fabric. It makes for a quilt top that comes together quickly, yet all your friends and family will think you labored for weeks! She also entrusted me to quilt it too. Whoa! Talk about pressure. It was actually the first quilt I quilted on my new machine, and despite it's size it quilted like a charm! But I'm proud to say it's being featured in the month of April in her book, and also was at her booth at Market. My picture can't even do it justice. The sun was at the wrong angle when I had to take the picture!

Make Life Quilt

That's not even the best part. I got an advance copy of the book, and let me tell you, the whole thing is simply delicious! Melissa has such an amazing sense of style and grace. And her warm and gentle personality shines in each and every one of the projects featured in "A Year of Making Life Beautiful". And each project really does help beautify your life even more.

(Make Life Quilt)

Melissa taken her gift for making life beautiful and translated it to the page with all sorts of fun and yummy projects to create. Each month she cleverly features a variety of sewing, cooking, gardening and craft projects that you can make in your own home. No matter your walk of life or where you live, there's something in this book bound to call out, "Make Me!"

(Stars & Stripes Quilt)

I, personally, can't wait to try making the Memory Bag. I mean, how genius is that? I wish I had seen that before I left Chicago and threw away all of my bulky sweaters!

(Memory Bag)

Just flipping through the pages gives me a sense of calm and peace, so rarely found in my hectic life.
Be sure to get your own copy today! They're available directly from Melissa or on Quiltwoman in either spiral bound or hardcover editions. BUT one of my lucky followers and win their very own copy! Melissa is generously donating a copy of her book "A Year of Making Life Beautiful" to one of my lucky readers. So I'm hosting a giveaway! All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment. You can tell me anything but if you're at a loss, tell me what you would like to do to make your life more beautiful. That's it. I'll keep the giveaway open until Monday, June 18, 2012. One comment per person. International Entries welcome. But please, if you're a "No Reply" commenter make sure I have a way to contact you. Good luck!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Shattered Glass Block Tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm the next stop on Jane's Desperate Housewife's Quilt. If this is your first time here, welcome! Glad to have you. Have you heard about this amazing project? Jane of Quilt Jane is posting one 8" block tutorial a week for 50 weeks and she's invited other bloggers to contribute tutorials, too so that's 100 blocks. How cool is that?! I am super excited to be sharing my very first block tutorial with you for week 49. I'm calling this one Shattered Glass. It's really easy, quick and gives you a little opportunity to improvise and make it your own. I hope you like it!


Shattered Glass Block
Finished: 8"
*1/4" Seams used throughout*

8.5" square of background fabric
Several fabric strips measuring between 9 - 12" long and 1 - 2.5" wide
Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter

Step One:
Place the 8.5" square of background fabric on your cutting mat. Place your ruler at an angle across the entire block, and slice it in half.

Choose one of your fabric strips and line it up with one of the edges you just cut, making sure the strip hangs over at least 1/4" at each end. Sew these together then press. (I prefer to press my seams open.)

Then trim any overhang from the strip so it is now flush with the edges of the background fabric.

Step Two:
Match up the remaining piece of background fabric with the strip you just sewed. Make sure you are placing the cut edge (from step one) to the edge of the strip. Since we're working with angles here you need to shift your background fabric up 1/4". It's going to look and feel off, but trust me, it will square up after you sew and press.

I use my cutting mat to help measure the 1/4" adjustment like so:


Sew together then open and press. (*Tip: If your unfamiliar or uncomfortable with sewing at odd angles you can "cheat" until you gain some confidence. Try sewing your first seam using a basting stitch to check if your angles are lining up. Then you can always re-sew using your regular stitch length if all looks good. Basting stitches are mush easier to rip out if you need to.)

Step Three:
Place your ruler across your block at another odd angle of your choice, crossing the block the other way and cut with your rotary cutter.

Chose another strip and repeat steps One and Two.

Your strips will be a little off but that's the beauty of this block. Think about shattered glass, it doesn't line up perfectly.


Repeat the process as many times as you like to create the shattered effect. When you're satisfied square up your block to 8.5" and you're done. It's that easy!


If you would like to create a larger or smaller block, just adjust the size of your background fabric. For a 12" finished block start with a 12.5" background square. For a 6" finishes block start with a 6.5" background square and so on. Also adjust the length (not width) of your strips. You will need longer strips for a bigger block: 12.5 - 15" long for a 12" block.


I hope you enjoyed this block. Make sure you hop on over to Quilt Jane and check out her awesome blog and all the other amazing blocks in the Desperate Housewife's Quilt. And if you end up making and Shattered Glass blocks I'd love to see them! Be sure to share them in my Flickr group so everyone can see your beautiful work!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinch Me, Please!


Holy shit! Sorry if I offend, but seriously I am in total shock right now. I was sitting in a bar in Santiago, Chile, minding my own business. I politely asked if they had WiFi available. They did. So I checked my emails. And I think somebody, somewhere made a huge mistake because I had this waiting in my inbox...

Will somebody please pinch me? I have to be dreaming. Honestly, when I heard how many entries there were and how few quilts they were accepting I thought there was absolutely no way in hell that my quilt would get picked. You want some real honesty here? I even chickened out at the last LAMQG meeting and didn't share it at the Show and Tell because I was too scared. Yeah, had the thing with me but I was a scardy cat. Um... I guess I need to finish picking the tape and hide those last tails.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First on the First

Gen X Quilters

You want to see where it all began? Then hop on over to Gen X Quilters today because AnneMarie is featuring my very first quilt. If you're not familiar with AnneMarie and her blog you should be! She's awesome and chock full of great tutorials and information. You can find me hanging out over there all day today!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Quilt Story

Remember this quilt?


Well it's being featured today over on Quilt Story! How cool is that? Hop on over to Heather and Megan's awesome blog and check it out! And stay tuned to tomorrow when I reveal my first finish in the Amy Butler "Little Stitches" Sew-Along. It's never to late to join in the sew-along fun hop on by and link up any time!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Was Featured!

The baby quilt I made for my friends Dan and Sara was featured at Finished Fridays! Just follow the link below and check it out!

Finished Friday Feature Tag
It was late and I was really tired when I wrote my description of the project. I should have proofed it one more time. It was a little redundant, in fact I could have left off the last bit entirely, but what can you do? So forgive me that but take a look. I'll be sharing the finished project on my own blog soon.