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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Studio Unveiling

During the winter, while I was working, my studio slowly started to accumulate all of our crap, once again and became the cluttered junk receptacle of days past. So my first order of business, now that I have time off, was to get it reorganized and into workable shape. Surprisingly it didn't take that long. I moved all of the books we decided to keep into our guest room in the house and had my husband take the huge, bulky bookshelf to his office to clear out some space. 


Once most of the clutter was put away and organized I made a trip to Ikea in search of 3x3 cubbies. Unfortunately they don't carry them any more. I got two 2x4 cubbies and thought I would lay them side-by-side for cutting and storage. It wasn't ideal but I was stuck. Then my friend Ramona said that they carried the 3x3 cubbies at Home Depot, so I swung by there and found them! Four 3x3 cubbies and a 48"x48" piece of plywood later and I have my brand new storage and cutting table. 


It's big but I love it! It's the perfect height for cutting. Right now I don't have a cutting mat large enough to cover the entire piece of plywood but what I have will do for now. The plywood top makes it sturdier and covers the hole in the center of the storage unit. I made each of the four cubbie stations and put them together into a box formation, securing them together with brackets. I'm storing all of my fabric around on three sides, but I'm avoiding putting my fabrics on the lower level because my garage accumulates dust quickly. Then I have fabric boxes for more  dust-free storage (I need to get more of these) and I have books, magazines, etc. stored in the rest of the cubbies. I even hid bags of polyfil and pillow forms in the dead space in the center of the cubicle.


My design wall slides out to double in size, and once I do a little more reorganization it will be full-size all the time. I am re-evaluating my design wall and considering getting another Ikea wire hanger, like the one I'm using for my curtains, to string along the other wall with a piece of flannel to make a retractible design wall, but I'm not there yet. 


I also hung some rulers and tools with simple nails for temporary storage. 


Finally, I bought some large glass vases at Ikea for scrap storage. I've separated scraps by cool, warm and neutrals. 


There is still more clutter to clear (as you can see) and organize but the space is close enough for me to be able to work in there full time. And I moved my machine to the opposite wall so I have a better view when I'm working. It feels so nice to have a space dedicated to sewing and the little things I need to finish up to get the space perfect, like tightening up the curtain wire, can wait. For now, I get to sew!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ruby Star Dilemma

I’ve been moved into my sewing studio for some time now, but the place is still definitely a work in progress. There is still some clutter going on, things that need to be moved out and furniture that needs to be replaced with something smaller and more functional. But it works for now. Since my studio is basically a repurposed detached garage it also doubles as a storage space for us. We had a plan to hand curtains to hide the storage, and originally I was going to make plain curtains in a natural color out of either linen or Kona cotton and put a patchwork panel in each for a pop of some color using some of my favorite fabric.


Then, one day I had a gift certificate to Sew Modern burning a hole in my pocket. I went in with the intention of buying a neutral colored solid and came out with the most delicious splurge. In a moment of weakness I bought up some of my favorite Melody Miller prints. They didn’t have enough of the Ruby Star Spring Insect print to do all four panels I would need for my curtains, so I bought up what they had left (enough for two panels) and then enough yardage of the coordinating Ruby Star Spring Bloom fabric in Springtime for the other two panels.


Then it took us forever to get the curtain wire hung, but finally last week it we did it. I hung the panels just for show and measurements before I started hemming them and asked my husband to take a look. Sigh. He thinks they’re too busy. Granted, the space is a complete disaster right now (please don’t judge) so I am sure all the clutter is affecting it. So I tempted to take down the Bloom panels and just use the Insect panels with two panels of a light, matching linen. The other option is to just do plain linen panels with large strips of the Insect fabric running through. Or maybe it's just as simple as moving the panels around. What do you think? I need some help before I start cutting.

Friday, July 13, 2012

PTS8 Received


Cheers to another super successful swap. I received my pillow from Charise the other night and I was thrilled when I opened the package. This round I told my secret partner that I would love an "odd-shaped" pillow like a circle, hexagon, rectangle, etc. Well, she listened!


There were a couple pillows I had my eye on this round, and the one Charise was making was one of my absolute favorites. I held my breath as she posted teaser pictures and even went so far as thinking that her pillow might be for me because it was just perfect. And her construction is absolutely amazing. There is not a single stitch out of place. And she even added some amazing hand stitching (my favorite!) and did you see her fussy cutting!


She also added a few extras in the package for me! She gave me a great little pocket journal. I'm so going to carry this with me in my purse for an on-the-go inspiration journal. AND Charise included fabric! Who doesn't love fabric? But this isn't any fabric. Oh no! She gave me some Farmdale Blossoms. Eek! This print has been on my ISO list for a long time. I LOVE this print but I totally missed the boat when it was out so I don't have any in my stash. Well, thanks to Charise I now have some in my stash and I can't wait to work with it. But I'm sorry, this one is going into a project for me because I love it so much.


Since this pillow is an odd shape, I'll have to make my own pillow form to do it justice. And I think that just jumped to the top of my To Do List! But I did have to immediately throw some temporary stuffing in there to see it take shape.



This pillow is going to live in my sewing studio. I only think that's appropriate, don't you? So thank you Charise! You did an amazing job. I could not be any happier. I love it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Phase One Complete

Although it might not look like much, phase one of the studio makeover is complete. We spent most of the day yesterday cleaning, at The Container Store, and celebrating the birth of our nephew. (We're going to New York in a couple weeks to meet him.)

Phase two I can't complete on my own. Someone bought my armoire and is coming to pick it up today so that will clear out a lot of space. Then we're planning to take the sliding doors down that hide the storage shelves which will also help open up the space.

So, I think I've gotten to a place where is just might be okay to take the new machine for a test drive. What do you think?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday Sew

I definitely made a dent in the studio clean up. I think I must have thrown five huge garbage cans worth of old papers and trash out on Friday. I got to a place on Friday where I could move freely in the space and I've identified what most everything is, but I couldn't really move forward without my husband or some new shelves. We got some new shelves yesterday and I'm planning to spent today getting everything back in order so it's in a place where I can, at least, start working again.

On Saturday, after an awesome chat with Natalie, I was able to finally make it to my very first LAMQG Saturday Sew. Our guild hosts these on the third Saturday of each month - kind of like mini-retreats. I debated over breaking out my new machine for the occasion, in fact I actually got as far as bringing the box out to the front yard with all of the rest of my stuff that I needed to load into my car, but I stopped myself and brought it back in the house. I am determined to wait to christen her in my new space. She's gonna need a name.

Unfortunately, I just couldn't get my sewing mojo flowing at the Saturday Sew. It's all the way across town and when I unpacked I realized that I forgot to bring any cutting mats. Ugh. My plan was to work on several bee blocks so I needed to be able to cut. I used Liberty's mat in her space, but running back and forth just wasn't inspiring me. I can't tell you how many projects I picked up, worked on for a second and put down again. I just couldn't get motivated. Then I finally made some progress on the dresses I'm making for my nieces, only to discover that I didn't bring the matching thread I needed for the top stitching.

There was a light. Liberty facilitated another speed block for charity quilt. She brought a pile of yellow, pink and orange scraps from the retreat.

The rules were the same as before: Grab a handful of scraps from the pile and make a block in a half an hour. There were some incredible blocks. And Melody, who made her first block at the retreat in about two hours, was elated when she completed her block before the half hour deadline!

We decided not to sash this one. I think it was the right decision. These blocks just work so well together. So the Saturday wasn't all lost.

In other news, my sister-in-law's water broke last night so my nephew is on his way! I can't wait to meet him!

Friday, February 17, 2012

It's All About the Reward

Today I am beginning to tackle a major project. I am finally turning our garage into my studio. I'm actually embarrassed to show you the state it's in right now.


Eek! I know! Gross, right? A few years back I actually motivated my husband to finally get it organized. We pulled all of the junk he had been storing back there out into the yard and we actually refinished the concrete floor before organizing all of his crap and making it look respectable. He was going to use it as his office. He tried it a few times before retreating back into our guest bedroom, which became his office for a little while until he got an office away from home.


Slowly, I started moving my things in there. And it kept clean for a while, but lately it's turned into the vortex of doom - sucking in all of our accumulated crap. I've carved out a small pathway to be able to access my fabric stash but it's frightening endeavor.


So why, might you ask, did I choose today, of all days, to surmount this feat? Well, there are two reasons, really. One - I've been dreaming about doing this for well over a year now and I finally have some time to dedicate to doing it. And Two - Yesterday I broke down and bought myself this...


(I know!!! Can you believe it!!!) But I know how annoyed my husband gets at having my sewing stuff strewn all over our dining room in our very small house so I am not allowing myself to take it out of the box until I get this done. I'm looking at it as a reward for my effort. I can't wait to take it for a test run! Back to cleaning!