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Thursday, May 3, 2012

One More Go 'Round

If you're looking for the Kona Solids Giveaway you can find it here. Otherwise, back to our regularly scheduled programming...


I can't believe we're almost finished with the Round Robin in A Dozen Quilters bee. It's the last round this month. Although I did screw this round up royally. In all of my confusion, returning from South America and being behind on many bee commitments, I accidentally worked on the wrong quilt center first. I was supposed to work on Christy's Red & Aqua center first and send that off to Jenny. Instead, last month I worked on Patty's picnic quilt and sent that one off to Jenny, reserving Christy's for April. Ugh. So now I've gone and screwed up the whole schedule. I'm sorry ladies!


Christy sent out a cute red & aqua center and in keeping with the diamonds and angles in her center I decided to keep my additions simple and added 4.5" HSTs in red and aqua, framing her original design. I love working with red and aqua. It's a favorite color combo of mine. So now, it's finally off to Jenny but then it has to go to Patty before it reaches home. I'm such an idiot!


But this is the last month of, what's looking like, a successful Round Robin on all fronts, despite my blunder. I received Jenny's center from Christy. And I think I have plans for this one. I'm thinking maybe some blue curved piecing at the top, but I'm still contemplating what to add to the other three sides. What do you think? I'm definitely open to suggestions.


There was another quilt top in the envelope as well. My own! It's made it through the rounds and finally made it home. This little quilt top has had quite the journey. And it turned out vastly different than I ever imagined it would but that's part of the fun, isn't it? Just check out the cute little appliqu├ęd half circles on there.



I sent along a journal with the quilt and had each of the ladies sign it. I wish I had a chance for Julie to sign it too since she was such a big part of this quilt top. I don't remember who suggested sending along a journal with the quilts. I think I was the only one who did but I love the idea and I think I'm going to continue sending this journal around any time I participate in a project like this. And somehow some extra scraps found their way into the package as well. Perhaps I can incorporate them into Jenny's quilt.


Oh, and one last thing. Tell me, have any of you ever seen something like this happen before?


I'm baffled! Didn't know this was possible. And it was a new blade too! Thankfully no injuries. Just a cautionary tale. Rotary blades can shatter under the right circumstances. I was cutting some brocade for a vest that I'm making for a friend and the blade was having a little trouble making clean cuts of the two layers so I gave it a little extra pressure and Bam! It shattered. Crazy, huh? Be careful out there.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sewing Ennui

There seems to be a general sense of ennui running through the sewing community lately. Rachel's experienced it. Briana Arlene's got it. No one is alone. Perhaps, it's the normal, post-holiday let down. Everyone seems to be creating at full force in November and December, making gifts for loved ones, and then once January and February roll around we're spent and the creative juices need some time to replenish themselves. Even I have been suffering from a lack of sewing mojo lately. I have a pile of UFOs on my To Do List that I need to complete, but there are days, lately, where it's been more of an obligation than a joy to work on them. Anyone else feeling the same way? I swear there is a Bee Block from January that started it. I am ashamed to admit that it's still in pieces on my sewing table. It's not that it's difficult - I just can't get the creative inspiration I need to do it justice. And I want to, I really do!


I haven't stopped sewing, and I won't. And that bee block WILL get finished... THIS WEEKEND (I swear). The husband is going away today on a business trip (to Las Vegas no less) so I am planning to create. And catch up on responding to blog comments. I really have no excuse. It's just all melded into one blob of... yep, sewing ennui. And to top it off I actually have deadlines on several projects because next week I'm leaving for a whole month. (I forgot to mention that perviously, didn't I? Chalk it up.) So to try to get motivated I'm going to make a To Do List (if you don't mind).

To Do Before Traveling:
1) Get this one quilted. I ended up going with an unpopular layout (which I'll reveal later) but now I'm trying to figure out how to quilt it. I am keeping it simple and I'm actually using the same shot cotton for the back, then binding it in an orange shot cotton. I'm planning to straight-line quilt on the diagonal. Question is: orange or teal thread? The orange is 100% cotton (which is what I prefer) and the teal is cotton covered polyester (I don't usually use poly or poly blends but this color only came in that option.) What do you think?


2) Re-cover Andrew's foot stool and make coordinating pillows.
3) Finish the changing tables for my sister-in-law and Megahn.
4) Pay... It... Forward... (More on this one later too. Ugh!)
5) Pillow Talk Swap - I have had quite the unresponsive partner this round so it's been a tough one. I definitely know the design but I'm confused on my fabric choices for my partner. I'm just going to have to dive in and hope.


6) Another diaper bag commission.
7) Bee Blocks

And those are only the things I need to finish before I start my trips. There are more things on my list, but they can wait. So how do you deal with the sewing ennui? I'd love to know, because I need motivation.

Oh... and one last thing, totally off topic... Since I try and respond to all comments (even if I'm a little late like I am now) I've adopted a new policy when I get "No Reply" comments. I don't want to leave you hanging, so I've started replying to all "No Reply" commenters directly in the comment feed. So if you don't hear back from me directly, make sure you check the comment feed because I've probably responded to you there.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Phase One Complete

Although it might not look like much, phase one of the studio makeover is complete. We spent most of the day yesterday cleaning, at The Container Store, and celebrating the birth of our nephew. (We're going to New York in a couple weeks to meet him.)

Phase two I can't complete on my own. Someone bought my armoire and is coming to pick it up today so that will clear out a lot of space. Then we're planning to take the sliding doors down that hide the storage shelves which will also help open up the space.

So, I think I've gotten to a place where is just might be okay to take the new machine for a test drive. What do you think?